Bart Nagel – web developer

I’m the Bart Nagel originally from the UK, now living in Vancouver. Others I know of are the photographer from the USA and the journalist from the Netherlands.

I’m a web developer and massive geek. I produce custom standards-conscious websites with content management. I can design to some extent, but I’m a programmer first and foremost.

There are contact details below.

Projects I have worked on

With Tribal DDB

With Assembly Digital

  • 2013: Montecristo Magazine – front and back end development, various Wordpress widgets, responsive styles and code
  • 2013: Tourism Kamloops – front and back end development
  • 2013: Nuvo Magazine – front and back end development, various Wordpress widgets, responsive styles and code

With Blast Radius

  • 2012: Starbucks Rekindle – part of the front end development and some back end development including a video generation service
  • 2012: Starbucks Verismo System – most of the front end development including all parallax code
  • 2012: Nike Jordan Rise Above – part of the front end development
  • 2012: Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte – front end development for online Facebook-based game, including wordsearch, quiz and other mini-games
  • 2012: Starbucks Frappuccino – half of the front end development including all shuffle and jingle code
  • 2012: Microsoft SQL Server – front end development of one new page
  • 2012: Starbucks Tazo Tea Time – all front end development
  • 2012: Nike Golf Speed Trials – all front end development of mobile version
  • 2012: Spring 2012 “Swoosh” HTML email newsletter for Nike Golf staff

With ECS at the University of Southampton

  • 2011: afrepo – linked data audiofile repository
  • 2010: QuestionbankQTI item delivery tool integrating with Eqiat
  • 2010: EqiatQTI item authoring tool

Freelance and personal

  • From 2014: Major fork of Sprintly-GitHub, a command line tool for hooking up Git repositories with Sprintly
  • 2014: Mark Wiens Community Lawn Care chafer beetle damage map – user-facing side of damage reporting database
  • 2014: Damage reporter tool for Mark Wiens Community Lawn Care – web-based internal tool allowing reports and photos to be recorded while surveying for chafer beetle damage
  • 2014: More flyer design for Mark Wiens Community Lawn Care
  • 2013: Migrate payment processing on Read for Profit and Learn Freelancing from the now-defunct Google Checkout to Stripe
  • 2013: Flyer design for Mark Wiens Community Lawn Care
  • 2013: HTML5 diceGithub
  • 2012: Business card, fridge magnet and flyer design for Mark Wiens Community Lawn Care
  • 2012: Mark Wiens Community Lawn Care – reworked website based on an existing design
  • 2012: Tweaking Wordpress themes for Christopher Bowes and Paddle Patagonia
  • From 2011: MPNotifier – GTK system tray notifications on MPD song change – fork of existing software
  • From 2011: vubat – GTK system tray battery monitoring utility – fork of existing software
  • 2011: Read for Profit – website for e-book and proofreading course
  • From 2010: py-colour – Python colour manipulation module
  • From 2009: colour.js – Javascript colour manipulation module
  • 2010: Decorum Tile Studio – website for tile manufacturer
  • 2010: Adapt Decorum Tile Studio’s old website to build their sister site Qube Mosaic
  • 2010: Internationale Meistersinger Akademie – website for singing mastercourse
  • 2010: Some front end development work for Bloom Microventures
  • 2009: py-translate – command line language translation filter using Google Translate (note this is no longer a useful tool since Google’s Translate API is no longer free)
  • 2009: Holding page for Investours
  • 2009: Cover art for rock band The Livid’s EP More Than a Lifetime
  • 2009: Ephie Rowe – website for ante- and post-natal fitness instructor
  • 2007–2008: Southampton University Live Music Society – website for student society
  • 2008: Mind the Gap – informational site for the University of Southampton Students’ Union
  • 2008: Learn Freelancing – website for proofreading book and course
  • 2008: Typesetting and digital annotation for Learn Freelancing’s Proofreading and Editing Course and Extra Exercises, available from Learn Freelancingsample PDF
  • 2008: The Pocket Book of Proofreading – promotional website for proofreading book
  • 2007: Digital annotation and diagrams for William Critchley’s The Pocket Book of Proofreading, available from First English Books and Amazonsample PDF
  • 2007: Southampton University Staff Club Football Society – website
  • 2007: Signal to Strike – rock band website
  • 2007: Cover art and other packaging for rock band Signal to Strike’s self-titled debut record
  • 2006: Cover art for rock band The Livid’s EP 2006 EP
  • 2006: The Market House Inn – website for an inn in Glastonbury, UK
  • 2006: The Dance Floor Fillers – website for functions band
  • 2006: Westpoint – Flash elements and layout for rock band
  • 2005: Hold Your Head Up High – promotional website for novel
  • 2005: Southampton University Live Music Society – website for student society
  • 2005: Mini banner ad for rock band Westpoint’s EP Love and Comfort in a Time of Confuseview
  • 2005: Ecard for rock band Westpoint’s EP Love and Comfort in a Time of Confuse
  • 2005: Treecare Tree Surgeons – website for tree surgeon
  • 2005: 64dollar Productions – website for video production company
  • 2004: “GBH” gaming clan signature – view
  • 2004: The Livid – website for rock band
  • 2004: Shawn Lefebvre – website for music producer
  • 2004: Edith Wiens – website for soprano
  • 2003: The Livid – website for rock band – view intro
  • 2002: Cover art for rock band Inme’s 2003 UK number 25 single Crushed Like Fruitview

Some of these and various other bits and pieces including graphical desktop applications, various command line tools and forks of libraries are available on my Github page.

If you like what you see

If you’re impressed and you need any kind of web development done (or other geeky tasks), give me a shout. Here’s some of the stuff I specialize in:

On the other hand, these is one thing I prefer not to do (and so if you ask me to it don’t be surprised when my rate goes up):

  • Diving into existing sites based on Wordpress, Drupal or other similar content management systems to add features and fix bugs. (In my experience they’re almost always a mess under the hood and it’s an uphill struggle for even small improvements – I’d much rather start from scratch.)

My rate might go down, on the flip side, if you’re asking me to take interesting open-source software and make improvements which will be available to all.

Tools I use

I run Ubuntu primarily, but boot Windows within my Linux session if need be (once in a blue moon). When I’m working in house for a company I’m sometimes sitting at a Mac or Windows machine.

I’m proud to say that almost all the software I use (and hence nearly all the following software) is open source and therefore free and in most cases cross-platform.

Contact details

You can get my email address by taking and replacing the first a with @.

If you wish, you can encrypt messages you send to me using my OpenPGP public key. (There’s another one for ECS-related stuff.)

I am bart.nagel on Facebook and tremby on Github. You can often find me on Freenode IRC with the username tremby. I am also extremely rarely @bjnagel on Twitter.